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SKU AOS007174
AOS007174 1/24 Lamborghini Murcielago R-SV 2010 GT1 Spa #25
1/24 scale plastic model kit
SKU B-27
B-27 Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO No.27 : Elf Team Tyrrell 1970-73
soft bound pictorial reference book. made with the modeler in mind.

SKU K353
K353 1/24 Porsche 908/3 Ver.A : 1st No.12 Joseph siffert/Brian Redman
1/24 scale multi media full detail kit.
SKU K390
K390 1/12 ELF 5
1/12 scale multi media kit
SKU RVL-7176
RVL-7176 1/24 2009 Audi A4 DTM Race Car (Timo Scheider)
1/24 scale plastic kit

SHK-D243 1/24 BMW Crowne Plaza M3 2013
1/24 scale water slide decal
SKU SMS-8010
1/24 scale super detail set.includes carbon fiber decals, P/E set and 35 turned aluminum parts.
SKU TD23021
TD23021 1/12 Wheels Set for 07M1/08M1/GP6/GP7/GP8
Designed for changing the wheels of some aftermarket conversion sets of YZR-M1 07, YZR-M1 08, Ducati GP7, GP8 and the Tamiya's Dcuati GP6 to a racing type.

P1092 Carbon Kevlar decal Yellow Type 1
water slide decal

P1093 Carbon decal Yellow Type 2
water slide decal