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TAM-242701 Yellow Ferrari Enzo Giallo


1/24 Scale Plastic Assembly Kit. Overall Length: 197mm, Overall Width: 93mm. Assembly of kit imitates actual car construction. The V-12 engine has been replicated down to the finest details. The assembled engine is mounted on a sub-frame that is then attached on the chassis main frame. Front and rear suspensions have been precisely reproduced. The quite simple driving compartment has also been rendered faithfully. Once completed, the model form is perfectly accurate. Rear diffuser and car underside are identical to the actual Enzo. Gull wing type doors and rear cowling can be opened and closed thanks to a special two-hinge mount. Features new set of carbon decals and both a black and clear under panel. Tail lights reproduced with yellow and red tinted transparent parts. Wheel, exhaust pipe and muffler made with metal plated mat finish parts.